Improve governance by enabling board members to access online and offline from any device
Compile and publish board packs securely, quickly and easily
Easily manage late files and last minute changes
Create board packs simultaneously in both electronic and print format

Boardpack® is a tool that sits within the portal which, very quickly, takes all your report files – Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF – and brings them together into one consolidated board pack. It is being used by company secretaries, administrators and boards around the world and can be accessed from anywhere at anytime. The directors can view their documents in hard copy printed format or in electronic format on any device or through our dedicated VBR App for iPad viewing and annotation.

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Key benefits 

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Enhances collaboration and rapid compilation of papers by administrators – cutting days of work into hours.
Saves considerable time in creating and distributing board packs and other corporate governance information.
Provides the flexibility of having both electronic and print-friendly packs generated at a click of a button – available online or in our dedicated app.
Improved governance, keeping the board better informed with access to board communications, archived papers and other key reference information.

Key features of the print version

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A provision for late additions and configurable printed tabs to assist navigation.
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New sections automatically start on a right-hand page with blanks inserted.
 Sequential page numbering throughout the pack.
A pull-out agenda option at the back of the pack.

Key features of the App

Secure authentication and 5 digit app PIN lock.
Document annotation including text notes, strikeout, highlight and freehand.
Director-specific access with one point of entry for all directorships with organisations that use VirtualBoardroom.
Dedicated folder for past and archived meetings for each board/committee and a dedicated reference library for each board/committee.

Download the VBR app

The VBR app is a tool which increases security, portability and convenience for you and will enhance your board pack experience by allowing you to easily view and annotate your current board packs, archived board packs and other shared documents in a view mirroring your portal’s structure. All documents can be viewed offline and you can have access to hundreds of documents. If you need to make notes, you can, by using the annotation tools in the VBR feature-rich app.The VBR app is available both on the App Store and Google play helping directors and stakeholders to stay connected anywhere, anytime.