9 Key Areas

  1.  Are any changes planned to the financial promotions 
  2.  What is the role of your Compliance team in ensuring your 
     financial promotions comply with the FCA?
  3.  What is the FCA looking for in financial promotions?
  4.  What is a ‘real-time financial promotion’ and how does the 
     compliance process differ?
  5.  Why are financial promotions so heavily regulated?
  6.  What constitutes a financial promotion?
  7.  What are common Compliance pitfalls for Marketing to look
     out for when producing financial promotions?
  8.  How does the FCA assess financial promotions regulations?
  9.  How can Marketing make Compliance’s life easier (and vice

All of these topics and more are covered in The Marketing Guide to Compliance, which you can download by completing the form.


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