4 steps to delivering the best client service

Costumer Service-01Selling to your clients is so much easier if they already receive outstanding service.

Stands to reason, doesn’t it? But all too often, ongoing client service is the poor relation of the sales process.

Here we look at how the Sales team can deliver – and work with the business on – the highest standards of client service. 

The 4 steps you need to follow

With the cost of acquiring a new customer estimated at anything from 5x to 15x the cost of retaining an existing one, it seems like a no-brainer to ensure your customers get the kind of service that will keep them.

So here are the 4 key steps to delivering first-rate client service.

1. Deliver on your promises

Our blog on complaint-free selling looks at the most recent FCA complaints data.

General administration and customer service issues were the source of the largest number of complaints – 40% of the total.

From your perspective, this highlights how essential it is to for your firm to deliver the FCA’s required consumer outcomes around fair treatment, clear communications, suitability and performance.

Being honest and transparent when selling is the first step in delivering what people expect. Our tips on how to write the perfect sales letter give good advice on this.

Make sure all your financial promotions are compliant with the regulator’s guidance. The Treating Customers Fairly requirements are important, and our TCF FAQs have tips on how to meet them. 

2. Keep in touch – and not just with sales messages

According to this article from Forces.com, ‘60-80% of customers who describe themselves as satisfied do not go back to do more business with the company that initially satisfied them. How can that be? Often it’s due to a lack of connection.’

Keeping in touch with your clients and prospects doesn’t mean bombarding them with sales messages. Far from it.

But with recent research showing that 84% of B2B purchasers use referrals to influence their buying decisions, you need to stay top of mind and turn your customers into advocates.

One way to do this is through sharing relevant content via social media. Social selling is the official term for this, and our blog, what is social selling and why should you be doing it has a lot more information.

Whether you’re communicating with existing customers or new prospects, follow best practice.

And keep it compliant. Make sure you’re up to speed with the FCA’s guidelines on social media. Get to grips with how the forthcoming GDPR requirements will impact you.

3. Focus on what’s important to them

When you’re communicating with clients, make it all about them.

There’s plenty of research out there on how clients and prospects like to be communicated with. Our blog on how to communicate successfully with pension funds and trustees, for instance, has good tips if this is your target audience.

Make sure your presentations are engaging, with professional graphs, charts and imagery. Streamline your sales process, cutting out unnecessary admin so you can focus on really getting to know your customers – their challenges, needs and concerns.  

4. Collaborate with other teams

Customers want a joined-up approach. You can help deliver this by working more closely with your Marketing team on communications and your Compliance colleagues on compliant sales approaches, including how to write content they can approve.

Working together across your organisation makes it more likely that what you’re offering will match up with what is delivered. Outstanding client service is achieved when Sales, Marketing, Compliance and Operations are all aligned.


Follow these four steps and you will be well-positioned to retain clients through outstanding client service.

If you want to communicate with prospects and clients online, our 10 best practices for compliant social media will help. You can download a free copy here.


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