Get automatically updated presentations and slides including those locally saved
Automate the creation of branded charts, tables and graphs
Enhance your presentations and win more business
Speed up the compliance approval process

A searchable library of presentations, slides, videos and images makes finding and sharing approved content easy. Ideal for sales and marketing departments that need to create a large number of presentations from a standard set of slides. Rightslide ensures that your presentations are accurate, consistent and include up-to-date, approved slides. The functionality of Rightslide enables you to search and lock-down slides in the library, automatically update presentations with new slides, set expiry dates to withdraw slides and presentations and add watermarks to content to indicate compliance approval.

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Key features include

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An ‘Update’ function for selectively updating presentation slides to the latest version in the library.
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Preview slides to view creation/modification details, expiry dates and approval information.
Lock slides to prevent changes and duplication in checking already-approved content.
Corporate fonts, slide styles and colours available from a custom menu and colour palette.

Key benefits include

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Our PowerPoint template tools guarantee only the correct fonts, colours, styles and designs are used. Branded charts, graphs and tables are instantly created from Excel or the chart library.
Rightslide ensures you use the most up-to-date and compliant content. It also protects you against any loss of access to information if your internal systems go down, helping with business continuity and preventing you from losing vital pieces of work.
Rightslide is used by many leading financial and professional services firms and other regulated companies. Security is therefore the number one priority, which is why we selected Microsoft Azure one of the world's leading hosting providers to be our partner.
Our PowerPoint templates make it easy to create brand-compliant presentations, even if you’re not a PowerPoint expert.

Why should it be your choice

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Get automatically updated presentations and slides including those locally saved.
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Automate the creation of branded charts, tables and graphs.
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Improve corporate branding and consistency.
Speed up your compliance approval process.