Successful content is everyone’s responsibility: here’s why


Content marketing. The responsibility of your Marketing team, right?

Well, maybe not. There are schools of thought that argue for it being the responsibility of a number of teams across your firm.

Here we look at why, and how Marketing can help to curate successful content from across your business.Content marketing is increasingly important to Sales teams – and the value of getting them involved in its creation is clear. Your business developers are often the closest to your clients and prospects. They understand the issues that are troubling them, and the trends that are emerging in their sectors. Read more here about how Sales can get involved in the creation process to ensure they always have the content they need.

Employees at all levels. The Forbes article recognises that many of the best stories come from deep within the heart of your firm – but often those ‘close to the coal face’ are overlooked when it comes to their potential contribution to marketing.

Those responsible for your key investor and stakeholder relationships. Reaching out to these important influencers online is essential. So is understanding them in order to produce material that’s relevant and topical. Work with your Board or investor relations team to get a feel for relevant subjects to cover.

Your HR team. Anything that talks about what it means to be part of your firm, and what your values and aims are, will resonate with potential employees and customers alike.

What challenges does this inclusion create?

Of course, working with these different groups on your content marketing strategy is not without its potential challenges.

  1. Compliance: If you are regulated, you need to make sure what you produce meets the standards of the FCA or other regulator. The wider you cast your publishing net, the more chance there is that non-compliant wording will slip through the net. Our tips on writing content that Compliance can approve have some good advice on preventing regulatory breaches.
  1. The more groups you get involved, the longer your production process. Follow best practice tips on how to produce quality content in less time and you will get your material out there faster.
  1. Project management. Expand responsibility outside the Marketing team and it can be hard to keep track of the process. Get everyone on the same page with strong project management processes and systems.

It might be worth exploring the benefits of automated workflows – systems that can allow people across teams and in multiple locations to review, mark up and approve documents in real time online.

So – now you are all set to produce content with the help of your whole firm. Good luck! Get as wide a range of people involved as possible and what you publish will be a good reflection of your business and its customers.

If you want to step up your content marketing strategy, but are concerned about the regulatory compliance aspects, download our Marketing Guide to Compliance for insights and tips. It looks at all the aspects of compliant financial promotions, and is free to download here.

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