How to reduce the time you take to produce marketing materials

  • The business needs a new piece of marketing collateral…
  • They’ve only just agreed final content – but they want the finished brochure yesterday…
  • And you just know they’ll want to tinker with the wording before they’re finally happy…
  • Plus you need to run it past your Marketing, Legal and Compliance teams to get their approval before it goes to print or online
  • And this is just one of a dozen urgent projects on your to-do list

How can you deliver a compelling, compliant financial promotion when you’re faced with all these obstacles?

Marketing challenges for regulated firms

The pace of life in marketing today can make you dizzy. There’s relentless pressure to get your services and solutions to market as quickly as possible. And if you work in a regulated business, you also need to make sure your financial promotions comply with the FCA’s requirements.

Everything needs to be produced faster – but accuracy and compliance can’t be compromised.

How to speed up marketing reviews

One of the things that can impact marketing lead time the most is the need for multiple reviewers to read and sign off content.

When a brochure or other piece of marketing material is produced, a huge number of people can be involved:

  • The people who initiated the collateral – which might be a fee-earning team – consultants or advisers – or your sales team, or your product developers.
  • The Marketing team – to make sure it’s on-brand, well-written and accurate (not always a given!) and in line with other materials
  • Compliance – making sure the content meets with FCA requirements and giving it their approval before it can go to market

As you’ll know only too well, this can mean endless revisions at proof stage (racking up agency costs and your time as well as delaying sign-off).

As the Marketing team, you are often stuck in the middle, collating changes from all sides, trying to explain to the business why Compliance have asked them to change the wording. It can feel like a high-stress game of Chinese whispers.

How to make reviewing collateral quicker and easier

Now imagine you could review collateral collaboratively. If Compliance, Marketing and anyone else who needs to approve content could look at documents simultaneously and make changes quickly in real time.

It’s actually possible to do just that. We’ve released a new multi-reviewer feature, which allows you to review online concurrently and have live chats to discuss changes, which are automatically captured into an audit trail.

How to save time and money when designing marketing materials

Multi-reviewer software like this can save Marketing teams – and Compliance, Sales and fee-earners –significant time. You can see the changes others are making, and discuss online in real time. Misunderstandings over amendments become a thing of the past (ever tried to read ‘that’ colleagues handwriting on a scanned document late at night..?!) – no scrawl to decipher or odd scribbles to decode.

Being able to see a live stream of changes from your colleagues removes issues with version control – there’s no longer the chance that someone is wasting their time by marking up an old version of the document by mistake.

Changes are shown on the document, making them clear and unambiguous for other reviewers. This also makes your designer’s job easier (and therefore cheaper) as there’s no need to re-do revisions that have been incorrectly interpreted.

The pressure to get new products and services to market faster than ever is only going to increase. As a Marketing team, you need to find ways to maximise your creative output. Reducing the time you spend collating, circulating and reviewing changes to marketing collateral can make a huge difference. The Nottingham Building Society saved 1500 hours a month in their Compliance and Marketing teams by taking this approach – you can read a case study of their experience here.

If you would like to do the same, you can watch the video to see how real-time reviewing works in practice. If you’d like to know more, please contact us to arrange a personal demo or find out answers to your questions.

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