How to produce creative and compliant marketing content

DesignAll Marketers face the content challenge. The need to come up with ever-more engaging, ever-more relevant and ever-more creative thought leadership.

Feeding the appetite of your audience isn’t easy.

You can’t rely on sub-standard content to engage your readers. In a post-GDPR world, consumers are only too aware of their rights when it comes to opting out of marketing. And if you’re sharing content via social media, the speed at which feeds move means that your messages have to grab readers immediately.

Regulated content – an even greater challenge

For regulated Marketers, the struggle is even harder. Your content not only needs to be instantly engaging, it has to meet strict regulatory compliance standards.

The need to marry creativity with compliance has been a long-standing challenge.

Here we look at ways to create appealing, relevant content that also ticks the regulatory compliance box.

Creating engaging content

Established content marketing cycles recommend a number of steps to creating, refining and sharing optimum content.

First is research – gaining insight into your audience to understand what will interest them. This might involve creating personas that bring your target market to life.

Identifying your objectives is the next step – are you driving people to more in-depth material on your website; encouraging them to buy a product; inviting them to sign up for more frequent contact? Your ideal content will vary depending on your aims.

Devising a content strategy comes next. There’s no shortage of research into the most effective marketing content, which you can use to focus your own efforts.

Then you need to start creating. If your focus is digital, SEO is a key consideration – although you should never forget that you’re writing for your audience, not for search engines. Nonetheless, search engine rankings are essential in getting visibility, so tips from Google’s own digital content guide are worth a read.

Compliance – the additional consideration for regulated Marketing teams

If you work in a regulated business, there’s another step in the content production cycle. Compliance team approval.

This is non-negotiable – the FCA’s financial promotion rules mandate compliance review and sign off of all financial promotions.

And this isn’t restricted to printed materials; digital marketing – websites, social media posts, emails, blogs – all fall under the umbrella of ‘non-real time financial promotions’ in the regulator’s eyes.

How can you make sure your content remains engaging and timely when you have to factor in Compliance team review and approvals?

Introducing an element of automation to your marketing projects can also help to increase efficiency and reduce cost, meaning you can get content to market faster. Read more about how approval workflow tools can make the process quicker and more robust.

Unlock the secrets of creative, compliant and timely content

Producing content that is engaging, timely and meets regulatory requirements is quite a tall order. Hopefully these tips will help you to create copy that speaks to your audience, and has them wanting more.

As we mentioned above, more and more firms – particularly regulated ones where Compliance team approval adds an extra step to the content cycle – are turning to automation.

You can read more about how automation can help speed and improve approvals processes, and remove admin and rework from the content production process, in our whitepaper, The benefits of automated workflow systems. It’s free and you can download a copy here.

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