How to make your content more shareable on social media


How can you make your content fly on social media?

That’s the million-dollar question for marketers looking to up their digital footprint and get their work seen by their target audience.

So what’s the answer?

In practice there are a number of strategies you can put into action to make sure you get the visibility you’re looking for.

1.  Make your content engaging

     Well, yes – you’d imagine this was a given. But not always. And for most of us, there are little improvements we can make that will ramp up our share rate.

     Including images in your posts is one way to increase engagement. A Hubspot blog from earlier this year suggested that tweets with images get retweeted
     150% more than those without.

     Research published by suggests the same is true on Facebook.

     It wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to extrapolate that most social media channels work in the same way. Photos make for a more engaging post – and one         that’s more likely to be shared.

     The same goes for making your content snappy, to the point and using ‘hot topic’ terms, as well as frequently-searched-for keywords.

     And make sure it’s mobile-friendly. claimed last year that 80% of the time spent on social media sites was via mobile devices. Make
     sure your website is optimised for mobile use to tap into this.

2.  Make it easy to share

     Do you have ‘social sharing’ buttons on your website? And are they in the right place? (Research suggests that top left will get you the most traction).

     Does your content contain regular calls to action, with snippets and sound bites to share?

     You can get various technologies that allow readers to share content direct from your blog, article or other material.

     Some of these will allow you to create ready-made tweets – which your readers can post with one click.

3.  Use the right headlines

     Headline should be short and to the point.

     Use Google’s free keyword tool to identify the most searched-for phrases relevant to your topic, and include them if you can.

     Emotional headlines apparently get shared more often than neutral ones.  The Advanced Marketing Institute has a free Emotional Marketing Value
     Headline Analyzer
which will tell you how your wording stacks up against their criteria.

     Scheduling experts Coschedule have a similar tool, also free to use.

4.  Timing is everything

     The time you put your messages out can have a huge impact on their shareability. This goes both for the time you post blog entries and the times you   
     share content on social media.

     This Huffington Post blog, written by one of the scheduling experts at Buffer claims that – contrary to what you might expect – Twitter engagement for   
     brands is 17% higher on weekends.

     The same blog suggests that 70% of users read blogs in the morning – so publishing first thing could help increase your readership rates and therefore 
     your shares.

5.  Keep it compliant

     For regulated firms, like those in financial services, the need to ensure social media posts are compliant trumps all other considerations.

     Put material out there that falls short of the FCA’s requirements, and greater visibility will be a nightmare, not a dream.  The FCA demands the same   
     standards from social media as it does from any other financial promotions.

     And of course the content it links to also needs to be fully compliant with the regulator’s rules.  You can remind yourself of the FCA’s dos and don’ts for   
     compliant Twitter here. And find tips on writing copy your Compliance team will approve here.

You can read more about how to create a compliant social media strategy in our tip sheet, 10 best practices for compliant social media – download your free copy here

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