How to get buy-in for a marketing automation project

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The benefits of marketing automation are well documented.

More streamlined processes; quicker Compliance approval and reduced regulatory risk. If you want to improve your marketing efficiency, automation can make a significant difference.

How can automated workflows improve marketing efficiency?

If you work in a regulated industry, the challenges of producing marketing materials are amplified. You don’t only need to segment your market appropriately, deliver compelling content and get products to market faster than your competitors. 

You also have to factor in reviews and approval. Inefficient processes can slow your speed to market and negatively impact your effectiveness.

Automated workflows remove this inefficiency and duplication throughout the marketing process.

  • Agency briefing is made seamless through online briefing forms and, real-time collaboration
  • Marketing campaign management is streamlined, with all marketing materials planned, reviewed, approved and stored in one online platform
  • Producing marketing materials is significantly faster, with duplication and rework minimised
  • Approvals are smoother and quicker via collaborative reviewing
  • You reduce the risk of regulatory breaches via mandated sign-off processes and inbuilt record-keeping
  • Marketing admin is minimised, enabling you to focus on the creative side of your role
  • Your sales teams find it easier to access approved content for pitches, RFPs and presentations – so they can respond faster to tenders.

Getting the buy-in you need

With all these benefits for teams across the firm, getting your firm excited about marketing automation should be easy.

But it always helps to have some ammunition in your armoury – so here are our top five tips for getting buy-in to your automation project:

1.  Show how automation helps win sales

Getting products to market faster helps you steal a march on your competitors. A Sales team that can meet pitch deadlines with accurate, compelling pitches and RFPs dramatically improves your hit rate when it comes to winning new business. 

2.  Highlight the time and money you can save through increased efficiency

How much time and money does your firm waste as a result of inefficient processes? This case study explains how the Nottingham Building Society saving them 1500 hours a month by automating their marketing processes. 

3.  Demonstrate the direct cost savings

Better agency briefing and online collaboration with your creative agencies and suppliers minimise out-the-door costs in terms of creative agency fees, amendments and rework. 

4.  Evidence the benefits for Compliance and Sales as well as Marketing

Marketing automation has benefits far beyond the Marketing team. Sales teams respond faster to tenders; win rates are increased via easy-to-use presentation templates and easy access to the latest corporate data. Compliance team admin is significantly reduced: your team can focus on the proactive and strategic aspects of governance – not paperwork. 

5.  Explain how automation reduces your risk of regulatory non-compliance

Automated workflows make compliance sign-off central to the marketing process, minimising the chances of non-compliant content. Your risk of fines, reputational damage and potential penalties – financial and otherwise – for your business leaders is dramatically reduced.

There are so many benefits to automated workflows for Marketing teams and businesses as a whole that it’s impossible to list them all here. That’s why we’ve written a whitepaper on If you want to get buy-in for a marketing automation trial or implementation, it will give you plenty of evidence and support for your project. The whitepaper is free, and you can get a copy here.

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