Ensure watertight regulatory compliance and brand consistency
Reduce marketing and compliance admin and speed up your approval process
Manage expiry dates to prevent outdated content
Streamline financial promotions management

Dotapprove is a market-leading workflow solution that will streamline the management, approval, compliance and storage of your marketing campaigns, digital media, sales presentations, RFPs and financial promotions. It’s a marketing automation tool that improves the efficiency of your processes – from creative briefing, artwork and document creation, review and approval of marketing collateral, to publishing and archiving of approved content. By connecting your Marketing, PR, Sales and Compliance teams, Dotapprove improves collaboration and brand consistency. The risk of oversights and errors is significantly reduced, with compulsory Compliance approval before documents are published. An FCA compliant audit trail and archive of all comments, changes and approval signatures helps you comply with internal rules and external regulations.


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Key features include:

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Configurable dashboards to keep track of your marketing campaigns.
Drag and drop or upload all file types including Microsoft Office, PDF, video, emails, InDesign and images ready for review and approval.
Capture screenshots of your websites and render how the pages will display on mobile, tablet and laptop.
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Customisable approval workflows with the ability to automatically send to the next approver when content is signed-off.

Key benefits include:

Streamline marketing campaign management and speed up review and sign-off of marketing materials.
Reduce marketing administration, saving you time and money and enable closer working between Marketing, Legal, Sales and PR.
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Reduce the risk of errors and non-compliance and embed procedures and standards to your marketing process.
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Capture a compliant audit trail, automatically archive marketing collateral and manage post issue review and withdrawal of out of date content.

Why should it be your choice?

Dotapprove is intuitive and simple to navigate, making it easy for even the most technophobic users to adopt.
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Dotapprove is particularly relevant to those organisations that need a rigorous method of storing electronic assets and collateral and recording their approval records for compliance purposes. Our working practices conform to ISO27001 standards and our processes are audited.
Dotapprove is used by many leading financial and professional services firms and other regulated companies. Security is therefore the number one priority, which is why we selected Amazon Web Services, one of the world's leading hosting providers to be our partner.
Dotapprove project management software enables you to plan, review, approve and store all your marketing material, digital media and documents on a single online platform.