How simple is your board portal?

Board Pack

Think back to why you adopted a board portal.

Chances are, it was to make your life easier, not harder. If you’re looking at the system you selected and wondering ‘why isn’t it making things simpler?’ – we have the answer.

You’re using the wrong one.

A portal-based approach should lighten the workload of the company secretary or administrator. But some do a better job of this than others. 

What should a portal do for you?

It can deliver many benefits to administrators and board members:

  • Move away from a hard copy approach, saving paper and cutting costs
  • Make it easy to collate papers, make additions and remove/replace any outdated content
  • Delivery is far simpler and more secure
  • Instant access to all past documents
  • Compliant archiving, with an audit trail of historic information
  • Directors have ‘anytime, anywhere’ access to papers: on the move, at home or in the office
  • Members of multiple boards can access papers relating to all their memberships in one place
  • Choose whether to go totally paperless or combine online and hard copy delivery to suit your members
  • Highly secure, giving reassurance that sensitive corporate information is safe

Unfortunately, many of these benefits are lost if you choose the wrong solution.

Getting it right - keeping it simple

If you’re twisting yourself every which way to accommodate the quirks of a complex solution, something’s wrong.  

Ask yourself:

  • What is the room structure? Is it intuitive and easily navigated? Your end-users aren’t likely to be IT experts. Make it user-friendly and adoption and satisfaction will be much higher.
  • Does it easily convert Microsoft Office files to pdf?
  • Can any number of users, across your offices, access it easily and cost-effectively?
  • Does it give people a choice when it comes to reading papers? Not everyone wants to go totally paperless. How simple is it for your members to download and print packs if they want to?
  • Is it accessible offline? Many directors want to access papers without the internet. How easy does your solution make this?
  • Are the viewing options straightforward? When it comes to viewing documents online, simple is best. Gimmicky presentation detracts from the message, makes documents hard to download and difficult to read on-screen.
  • How easy is it to search previous papers and other corporate documentation? The audit trail it creates should be user-friendly, as well as meeting regulatory compliance requirements.
  • Was it designed with company secretaries, administrators and end-users in mind?

Think about your experience to date. If you have reduced cost, increased efficiency, cut the amount of time you spend collating packs and have good feedback from your directors – great. You’ve chosen a solution that works well.

But if going paperless has just changed the type of administration you’re lumbered with, not lessened it – you need to reconsider.

For more on what a good solution should deliver, and how to make sure you select the right one, you can read our Board Portal FAQs, a useful resource for company secretaries and administrators. They’re free to download, and you can get your copy here.

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